English to Catalan Meaning of rough - aspre

Rough :

desigual, aspre, dentat, malgirbat, estarrufat, ferotge, dràstic, intens, furiós, escabrós, cru, groller, baixista, incivil, descortès, esquerdat, estrident, cruixent, malhumorats, peñascoso, pelut, trencat, BRUSHY, brut, reixeta, grinyolant, inquiet, adult, afilat, salat, agut, auster, tempestuós, amarg, sorollós, rugit, bulliciós, cavaller, poc afable, altiu, pagà, hirsut, pilós, Estructura de fusta, de fusta, fusta, espés, gruix, greix, rabassut, agregat, alguns, més o menys l'estimació, ronda, resum, rigorós, greu, popa, aproximadament, bonic, en llibertat, pols, rufià, gàngster, gamberro, caputxa, Heller, desigualtat, onada, fer més tosc

aspreroughedmés aspremés aspredesbastaproximadamentasprorroughs
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Definitions of rough in English
Noun(1) the part of a golf course bordering the fairway where the grass is not cut short
Verb(1) prepare in preliminary or sketchy form
Adjective(1) having or caused by an irregular surface(2) (of persons or behavior(3) not quite exact or correct(4) full of hardship or trials(5) violently agitated and turbulent(6) unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound(7) ready and able to resort to force or violence(8) of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped(9) causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements(10) not shaped by cutting or trimming(11) not carefully or expertly made(12) not perfected(13) unpleasantly stern(14) unkind or cruel or uncivil
Adverb(1) with roughness or violence (`rough' is an informal variant for `roughly'(2) with rough motion as over a rough surface
Examples of rough in English
(1) From a rough start, he has proven adroit at managing these public moments.(2) She wrapped her rough fingers round the soft material of the bag and bought it back to her original sitting place.(3) The animation is rough and basic, crafted well but never flashy or spectacular.(4) Admittedly they got off to a rough start, but she was a very casual person.(5) That day, the trek trough the rough terrain had already broken two of the wheels, and had to use two of their spares.(6) I do not think the man will come today; the seas are rough , and the horizon shows more storms to come.(7) How strong those gales turn out to be will determine whether the economy faces clear sailing or rough seas.(8) Her fingers curl against his hand, tiny sharp nails pressing his rough skin.(9) The trouble is that they are not rough or ÔÇÿwarehouseyÔÇÖ enough.(10) I was pushing him slowly over the edge that went off into a rough sea of destruction.(11) After a short pause, he heard the door open, followed by his uncle's rough voice before the latter finally appeared in his line of vision.(12) When I am drawing, I use pencils for rough drafts and pens for final copies since it makes my drawings look more professional.(13) After days of walking through rough terrain, my body is toned and supple.(14) He was harsh and demanding, rough and wild and erotic.(15) A group of rough looking men sat around a fire, drinking and laughing heartily.(16) She stayed up in the tree until a rough voice called out.
Related Phrases of rough
(1) rough draft ::
(2) rough sea ::
mar agitat
(3) rough up ::
(4) rough estimate ::
estimació aproximada
(5) rough copy ::
(6) rough it ::
a la intempèrie
(7) rough cut ::
primer tall
(8) rough time ::
mal moment
(9) rough-and-tumble ::
activitat frenètica
(10) rough diamond ::
diamant brut
1. uneven ::
2. coarse ::
3. dry ::
4. gruff ::
5. sharp ::
6. violent ::
7. careless ::
8. boorish ::
9. turbulent ::
10. difficult ::
12. preliminary ::
13. approximate ::
14. plain ::
15. boisterous ::
16. bumpy ::
17. harsh ::
18. rocky ::
19. unsmooth ::
20. uncut ::
sense tallar
21. pugnacious ::
23. crude ::
25. sketch ::
26. roughen ::
fer més tosc
27. rough in ::
aspra en
28. roughly ::
1. bald ::
2. shorn ::
3. smooth ::
Different Forms
rough, roughed, rougher, roughest, roughing, roughly, roughness, roughs
Word Example from TV Shows
Rough night, Imp?

Rough night, Imp?

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 1

Hm. Any rough timetable
on this thing, as to when
she's coming home?

Hm. Any ROUGH timetable on this thing, as to when she's coming home?

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 6

Hey, I know things are a little rough
with you and Mom,

Hey, I know things are a little ROUGH with you and Mom,

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 24

Amy said you were
having a rough time,

Amy said you were having a ROUGH time,

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 10

Yeah. You know, the last couple of weeks
have been pretty rough,

Yeah. You know, the last couple of weeks have been pretty ROUGH,

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 19

English to Catalan Dictionary: rough

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